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The Eyes Have It.

At some point in your life you have no doubt been the recipient of "The Look".  No words were necessary.  These eyes spoke volumes..."Don't touch that," or "You did what???!!!," or "You'd better do it now, or else."  Of course, there was also a more gentle gaze that said "I'm so proud of you," or "Thank you for the bouquet of wild flowers," or "I love you."

The four cut-outs below are some of our kin.  Can you correctly identify each of these sets of "peepers"?  (And just for fun, will you also tell us what you think these "looks" are saying to you?)  Next month, your responses will be posted on the Game Room wall.  Ready....Set....Go!


(Eyes #1)


(Eyes #2)


(Eyes #3)

(Eyes #4)


How to Play the Game...

On or before November 25, 2007, send an e-mail to Bobbi Conley identifying the name of each person peering at you from the cut-outs shown above.  Label your answers with the numbers 1 through 4. 

HINT:  As you walk through the rooms and hallways of the Spiker Farm, you will find many photographs of our family members hanging on the walls and pasted in our scrapbooks.  If you search carefully, you'll find the full-size originals from which each of these cut-outs were captured.

Game Scoring...

  • One point for each correctly identified photo (four total points possible).

  • One point for each "caption" you provide that describes what these "looks" are saying to you; one bonus point if we use your caption in next month's edition of the Spiker Gazette (five total points possible).

  • In the event of a tie (very possible), additional points will be based on the speed of the participant's reply (those responding the fastest will earn the highest score).


  • Eyes #1 -- Boots

  • Eyes #2 -- Kitty

  • Eyes #3 -- Gay

  • Eyes #4 -- Jake


FIRST PLACE -- Haley De-An Conley

Haley received bonus points for providing "captions".  Her responses included:

  • Eyes #1 -- "Don't underestimate me."

  • Eyes #2 -- "I've got you under my skin."

  • Eyes #3 -- "Deep in thought."

  • Eyes #4 -- "Family protector."

SECOND PLACE -- Melinda Chambers


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