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     Melanie Spiker-Fouse has generously agreed to share her work with us.  To view the Spiker Family Tree, simply send your e-mail address to Melanie by clicking here.  You'll soon receive a special invitation from her with a link directing you to her pages on Ancestry.com. 

     Ancestry.com will require you to register with their website.  However, you are not required to purchase a membership.  You can simply register as a "Guest" member.  The personal invitation from Melanie will then permit access to the Spiker Family Tree.  (For more information about Ancestry Guest Registration, click here.)

     You can also click any of the names on the tree at right for more about Jacob, Gay and their children. 

     In the meantime, let's learn a little more about each other.  I, for one, loved listening to my father’s stories about his childhood.  Some were amusing.  Some were unbelievable.  But all of them were entertaining to me.  Likewise, my daughter enjoys hearing the tales of my father’s and my own childhoods.  Share some of YOUR personal history with your children and grandchildren (and with the rest of us) by simply answering a few questions.  Here’s a fun way we can explore how our opinions, our lifestyles and even our world have changed through the generations.



      For example, what was your source of transportation to school?  My daughter rode an air conditioned bus for ten miles.  My own bus ride to school took over an hour.  One-way. There weren’t always enough seats available, so some of us had to stand in the aisle.  And we couldn’t even imagine the luxury of air conditioning.  My father WALKED to school.  Several miles.  In three feet of snow.  Uphill – both ways!  You get the idea. 


Just for Fun, let's take a sneak peek into the lives of our extended family.  Visit our FORUM and click on the topic titled “History Questionnaire”. 




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