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It Makes a Difference.
(Game instructions are below this photo.)


How to Play the Game...

The photograph above was taken on the steps of the South Fork Baptist Church during a Spiker Family Reunion.  Melanie Fouse copied the photo below (scroll down) but made several changes to the image.  Can you spot the differences between the two?  Some are easy.  Others are much more subtle.  How many of the 23 differences can you find? 

On or before November 1, 2008, send an e-mail to Bobbi Conley listing all the differences you can find between the two images.  Number your guesses, describe the "difference" and, when applicable, include the name of the person to whom the "difference" applies.  (See game scoring below the second photo.)


Game Scoring...

  • One point for each correctly identified "difference" that appears in the second photo.

  • One point for each correctly named person to whom any of the "differences" apply. You will earn one BONUS point if ALL of the names you submit are correct.  (If you do not know the person's name, write your response something like this.."top row, second from left".)

  • In the event of a tie, additional points will be based on the speed of the player's reply (those responding the fastest by e-mail will earn the highest score.)


  • The words "South Fork Baptist Church..." are missing from the glass pane.

  • The eave over John's head is missing.

  • Jeff Fouse is missing.

  • Larry is wearing a hat.

  • Jeff Spiker is missing.

  • The line of the window pane to Melanie's left is missing.

  • A pattern was added to Briana's shirt.

  • Sue Ann is now wearing a vest.

  • Keri now has a ribbon in her hair.

  • The WVU logo was added to Brad's jacket.

  • Jean's red sweater changed to black.

  • Lynn is now wearing "regular" glasses instead of "sunglasses".

  • Melinda's legs and feet are missing.

  • The shadow is missing from the pane of glass on the right.

  • Boots is wearing a bracelet.

  • Brada is wearing a medallion necklace.

  • Katie is missing (below Coon).

  • Marilyn now has a patterned shirt.

  • A smiley face was added to Mike's shirt.

  • The shadow beneath Mike was removed.

  • Flowers were added to the right of the steps.

  • Boy at bottom left is now sporting a blue had instead of a red one.

  • Cassidy is missing her right leg.


FIRST PLACE -- Haley Conley* -- 45 Points!

SECOND PLACE -- Cathy Gregis* -- 44 Points!

*  Haley and Cathy both scored a total of 44 points.  According to our Game Scoring rules, an additional point was added to Haley's score based on the speed of her reply. 

Shelly Currey -- 36 Points

Tyler Weidlich -- 21 Points

Tayler Weidlich -- 16 Points




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