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     As the primary gathering place for the Spiker family, the Living Room provided a pleasant diversion from the rigors of farm life and homemaking. The social activities pursued here were as varied as the names by which the room was known.  It was the "Drawing Room" where the family withdrew after dinner to relax, digest, and make plans for the new day.  It was the "Sitting Room" where Jake read aloud from the newspaper, Gay cut scraps of fabric into quilting squares and frequent guests joined the family around the radio.  It was the place where the children engaged in animated songfests, endless story-telling and in playing a myriad of "Parlor" games.  The four walls were the framework of a centuries-old version of today's "family entertainment center".


     We invite you to join us in the Spiker Family Living Room to share in the recreation of some of our favorite family pastimes.  You may find us telling ghost stories, playing a friendly game of cards, or adding pages to our scrapbooks.  Here we surround ourselves with all the things that remind us of home.




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     Stormy weather sometimes forced the Spiker children to retreat indoors. To ease the boredom of being cooped-up in the house all day, they took part in a variety of Parlor games.  Just like our parents, our generation also enjoys a friendly competition. 

     Join us for a fun game or two featuring a friendly match of wits, a quick game of cards, a challenging round of Spiker Trivia and much more. 


Featured Game:  None Currently in Progress.


Leaders Total Score Best Game
 1.  Haley Conley 12 It Makes a Difference
 2.  Cathy Gregis 5 It Makes a Difference
 3.  Shelly Currey 4 It Makes a Difference
 4.  Melinda Chambers 3 The Eyes Have It
 5.  Tyler Weidlich 3 It Makes a Difference
 6.  Tayler Weidlich 3 It Makes a Difference

How Rankings are Determined on our Leader Board...

  • All participants earn 1 point per game played. 

  • An additional 1 to 5 points are earned based on the player's total score within each game.

  • The first place winner of each game earns 1 bonus point.

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Share some of your favorite online gaming sites.  Or perhaps you've created some puzzles or games you think we'd like.  Send them to us and we may feature them here.  Send your links and ideas to Bobbi.



     At every family reunion, you can be certain there will be several people in the Sitting Room engaged in lively banter.  You can be just as certain there will be an enthusiastic audience.  From Aunt Jean's animated "snake story" to Aunt Ann's vivid recreation of the "turkey on the floor", there was no shortage of entertaining conversation. 

     Instead of waiting until the next reunion, we're getting together now to catch up on all the Spiker family goings-on. 

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     Join us on the Living Room sofa to leaf through the pages of our photo albums and scrapbooks, to do a little bit of crafting and to admire others' handiwork.




Most internet providers offer their members a place to up upload and store their photos online for free.  Because we're limited in the space we can provide here, we encourage everyone to upload their family photos to their own Web pages then provide us with the links we can share here.  Send your photo page links to Bobbi.

Those that do not have a personal Website may upload family photos to the Spiker Family Photo Album.  Upload your photos or view photos submitted by others by clicking here. 



     The Spikers retired to the Drawing Room after dinner where the ensuing conversations revealed a little about each person's likes, dislikes and even one's dreams for the future.  Now that our family is scattered across the miles, we do not always have the opportunity for exchanging such information, and we may find that we don't know as much about one another as we would like.  For example, how much do you know about your cousins?  Do you know what they do for a living?  Do you know what hobbies occupy their free time?  Here's our chance to get a glimpse into their daily lives.  Take a peek at some of their online adventures. 

  • Melinda Spiker Chambers contributes to the Hampshire Review with her online column entitled "Homespun".  She gives us new recipes each week along with a dash of her wisdom and and a pinch of humor.  She's also the published author of several children's books.  You can purchase personally autographed copies at Melinda's personal website.

  • Shelly Gregis-Curry and her family own and operate the "Bunch of Kids Goat Farm".  View pictures of her farm, sample some of her recipes (we hear her goat milk ice cream is awesome) and check out her unique looking goats.

  • Always the first to seek out adventure, thrills and a whole lot of fun, John Bob Spiker's participation in the Southern Extreme Bull Riding Association assures his life is certain to be full of it all.  (Or maybe just "full of it"; I wonder if mucking the stalls is part of the deal?)  To check out this fast growing sport and see John Bob in action visit SEBRA online

  • Experience a taste of "Appalachia".  Bass guitarist and lead vocalist, Chris Chambers' band, Appalachia, has been providing "foot-stomping" good times to audiences that enjoy this blend of country, gospel and bluegrass music. Contact them to schedule a concert, check out their latest releases or simply say hello.  Visit www.appalachiamusic.com .

  • Sunny Pointe Guest House promises a quiet, peaceful farm of hospitality.  The  four-story, 1800's farmhouse, owned by John and Sue Ann Spiker, is situated on the family's 600-acre farm in Jane Lew, West Virginia.  Visit their Website at www.sunnypointeguesthouse.com to browse through the rooms of this beautifully restored home. 

  • We've all been enjoying the creative and beautiful scrapbook pages Melanie Fouse has contributed to our website.  Now you can learn more about her creative talents by reading her personal blog at Creekside Cottage Designs

  • Kate Spiker started a website in 2011 featuring John & Sue Spiker's farm in Jane Lew, WV.  Check out this growing site by clicking here. 

  • More coming soon.




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