Spiker Family Porch

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                           Original Painting by Cathy Spiker Gregis
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     To generations of the Spiker family, the front porch has always been the spirit and soul of the homestead. Flanking two sides of the house, it was impressive enough to accommodate the largest of gatherings yet humble enough for the most intimate of conversations. 

       Not just a framework for the door leading into the home, the porch also served as the framework for the door leading into the hearts, minds and lives of the Spiker family.

       Daily living was played out on this porch.  Here, Jake greeted the morning sun with a stretch and a smile.  After lunch, Gay penned words of encouragement to her children in a diary.  Eager young men courted the Spiker sisters in the afternoon.  And in the dark of night, Marjory stuffed lightning bugs into a Mason jar.  Adventures were planned.  Secrets were whispered.  Celebrations were shared. 

       Volumes of family history were recorded from this portal.  Although most were not written down, they remain etched in the stone steps, stamped into the wooden floor planks, and carved under the sun-washed swing.  Revisiting these memories is as simple as crossing the threshold.  Welcome to the Farm and the Spiker Family Gathering Place.



Garden   Address Book
  Melanie Spiker Fouse is the groundskeeper of the Family Garden.  Armed with the cultivating tools of genealogy, she methodically analyzes the growth of the garden's focal point -- the Spiker Family Tree.  Take a scroll through the lush greenery to sample some of the sweet fruit she has harvested.



In one way or another, we've all been guilty of it...losing touch, that is.  Excuses are many including, "I misplaced her phone number," I don't have his address," blah, blah, blah.  We're making it easier to stay in touch.  Use this link to open the Spiker Family Address Book.


Kitchen   Wall Calendar

You know you love Aunt Dean's homemade noodles.  Now you can make them yourself. 


Family-created cookbooks have been lovingly restored here for all generations to enjoy.  Browse through our Recipe Cards to see if one of your personal favorites is listed.  Then be sure to add a few recipes of your own.


    View the Spiker Family Calendar for all the events you simply should not ignore.  Enter the dates of your family's birthdays, your child's graduation, the anticipated date of birth for your next grandchild. 

Check the calendar often for updates.  Throughout the year, we will be adding dates and times for Family Web Chats, Family Online Competitions and more.


Library   Chat Room
  Scroll through the card catalog in the Spiker Family Library to locate articles written by and about our family.  Our growing selection of reading materials include letters, diary excerpts, personal accounts and more.  Now you can relive history through personal family stories.


    Take a break and relax in our interactive Chat Room.  Stop by just to say a quick "hello", engage us for hours with your witty banter, or simply stretch out on the couch and eavesdrop on someone else's gossip. We'll soon catch you up on all the Spiker family goings-on.
Living Room   Message Board
  Join us in the Living Room to experience the social activities of the day.  You may find us telling ghost stories, playing a friendly game of cards, or adding pages to our scrapbooks.  Here we surround ourselves with all the things that remind us of home.


    Announce your good news, share your thoughts, post a message, comment on what others are saying.  You can do it all on the Spiker Family Forum


Newspaper Box   Photo Album
  This page is your first stop for all the latest news and information about the Spiker Family Gathering Place.  Open the Spiker Family Newspaper to read coverage on topics such as wedding and birth announcements, dates of scheduled family chats and friendly online competitions, highlights of our annual family reunion, and more.  All updates to our site will be routinely acknowledged here.


    What is the one thing you can count on at every Spiker Family Reunion?  The group photo, of course.  Even if there are high winds or high water (and one year not-so-high snow) no one can take shelter until everyone poses for the cameras.  You may just find some of those photos preserved in the pages of the Spiker Family Photo Album
Porch   Outhouse
  The Porch is the entryway to our home.  It serves as the site map for the Spiker Family Gathering Place, guiding you through the "rooms" of our home.

If you're still uncertain as to which door leads to what room, take a quick stroll down the hallway below.  We'll meet you there for the complete tour.



    Having trouble finding your way through the meandering paths in the garden?  Is there someplace you "want to go" but can't seem to get there?  It may be time to stop by the Outhouse.  It's not pretty but it may help fill the "void" in your search and help "relieve" some of the anxiety of feeling lost.  (And yes, the Spiker Family Farm does have an outhouse that we've all used from time to time.)


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