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Dorothy Alice Spiker

Full Name:  Dorothy Alice Spiker
Known As:  Dorothy

Date of Birth:  October 29, 1914
Date of Death:  July 17, 1953

Spouse:  Hayward P Summers

Father:  Joseph William Wines
Mother:  Wenoma Watson

Foster Father:  Joseph William Wines
Foster Mother:  Lillie Missouri Gay Zinn


Dorothy Alice Spiker was born on October 29, 1914 in Oxford, Ritchie, West Virginia, USA. She married Hayward P Summers on July 14, 1939 at the age of 24. She worked as a teacher. Dorothy died on July 17, 1953 at the age of 38 due to colon cancer that metastasized to the lungs. She was buried on July 18, 1953 at the South Fork Cemetery in Ritchie County, West Virginia.

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