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Robert Roe Spiker

Full Name:  Robert Roe Spiker
Known As:  Bob

Date of Birth:  December 30, 1925
Date of Death:  February 21, 2000

Spouse:  Willa Dean Bonnell

Father:  Jacob Spiker
Mother:  Lillie Missouri Gay Zinn


Bob was born on December 30, 1925 in Oxford, Ritchie, West Virginia. He married Willa Dean Bonnell in Charleston, West Virginia at the age of 20. He retired after working 30 years as a Superintendent of Distribution at Equitable Gas Company in Clarksburg, Harrison, West Virginia. He died on February 21, 2000 at the age of 74 in Good Hope, Harrison, West Virginia. Bob was buried at the South Fork Cemetery in Ritchie County, West Virginia on February 24, 2000.

Did You Know?

When Bob was born:

Top News Headlines

  • Dec 7 - Biltmore Theater opens at 261 W. 47th Street, New York, NY.
  • Dec 12 - Arther Heinman coins the term “motel” (short for “motor hotel”) opening the world’s first motel – the “Milestone Mo-tel” – on this date.
  • Dec 15 - The first hockey game at Madison Square Gardens. Montriel Canadiens defeated the New York Americans 3-1 before a packed house of more than 17,000.

US Facts

  • President - Calvin Coolidge
  • Vice President - Charles G. Dawes
  • Top Songs for 1925 – “Yes Sir! That’s my Baby” by Gene Austin “Sweet Georgia Brown” by Ben Bernie
  • Hot Toys /Games – “Tootsietoys”
  • Average Costs throughout the US in 1925:
    • Bread dropped to $0.09 p/loaf
    • Milk dropped to about $0.56 p/gallon
    • Eggs increased to $.44 p/dozen
    • A Car would sell for $265
    • Gasoline cost $.22 p/gal
    • The median home value $7809
    • A US Postage Stamp was $0.02 each
    • The average income was $1125 p/year
    • DOW Avg: 107

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