June 2006

About Lynn

Adelene Spiker

Adelene tells us about some of her husband's favorite memories.

After Lynn and I were married in 1946, we visited the Spiker farm pretty often. One of my fondest memories is of Marjory frying little sun fish. They were always so good! Lynn said her secret was that she never moved out of her tracks – she turned them often and served them when they were just right.

Lynn Spiker loved peaches. Grandma Spiker would always have individual dishes of peaches at each plate before they sat down to eat. Lynn said he waited until everyone finished eating to see if he could have extras.

Lynn often talked about his time spent at Sunny Point school. He said he would look out the window and long for the day to end so he could get out to “tend” his animals. He said he often helped Dorothy with the dishes so she could go out with him.

Because John heard his dad speak of “Sunny Point”, that was his choice of names for the Bread and Breakfast he and Sue own.