January 2006

As I've Heard Aunt Jean Tell It

Willa Dean Bonnell Spiker

The Snake Story as Dean says she's heard Aunt Jean tell it.

Dorothy and Jean were a rough & tumble pair of “tom boys.” They liked looking for the biggest snakes they could find. One day Kitty came running in all “big-eyed” and excited. She told them, “I bet I’ve found one you can’t handle.” Now that was the wrong thing to say. They took up the “dare”.

Now, Aunt Jean giggled as she told how they went up the Grant Meadow looking for a BIG snake. Well, they found it. Dorothy put a board behind it’s head and Aunt Jean grabbed the snake. It immediately wrapped around her arm and it was a really big one!!

She couldn’t get it off and Dorothy had to help her unwrap it. There they were running down the meadow. Now Kitty knew they’d chase her with it so she tried to run and fell off the fence crossing. (I think they called them a style?) They didn’t catch up tho’. They went in the house spoiling for some fun.

When they got to the dining room they found Brad asleep on the fainting couch. Holding the snake right over his face they woke him up. He tried to sink lower on the couch & yelled, “Oh, God!” and “I’m gonna kill you.” Naturally they ran. The kitchen was right next door and they walked in all innocent like and said, “Did you call us Mother?” They story they tell is she jumped in the air 3 times before her feet touched the floor. Knowing they were in trouble they headed outdoors. Went by a chicken coop with an old “setting hen” and her brood and the mama went cluck cluck cluck cluck. By now she was laughing so hard I don’t remember if she ever said what they did with that snake.