May 2007

Aunt Jean and the English Bulldog

Cathy Spiker Gregis

Cathy refuses to go into the bathroom first, so Aunt Jean leads the way.

The best that I can remember, Mom, Aunt Jean and Gertie Hannigan, (a friend of my Mom’s) had gone shopping. When we went to let Gertie off at her house we all had to go to the restroom and felt we couldn’t wait until we got home.

Now I really had to go, but I also knew what lurked in the bathroom – one of the biggest, meanest looking dogs on earth! I knew I wasn’t going to go first, even if I wet myself. This dog had torn up the bathroom floor many times; he was no pussycat.

I don’t remember who said Aunt Jean could go first, but as she went in I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or pray. About this time I heard Aunt Jean squeal “laawzzzee me!!!!” We knew she had come face to face with the English bulldog and probably realized why we let had her go first.