March 2018

Bob & Dean and Nelson & Lucille Go Fishing

Gary W. Zinn

Nelzon Zinn's baby brother, Gary, shares a fishing tale.

Bob Spiker and his second cousin, Nelson Zinn, were born companions as boys, a close friendship that continued into their adulthood. Some time after both Bob and Nelson were married, Nelson and his wife Lucille were visiting Bob and Dean, and they went fishing together down at the Buckner Zinn pool.

They were, by all accounts, having a relaxed, companionable outing, until Lucille hooked a big catfish. I recall her saying that the fish took her very much by surprise, and she thought it was going to pull her into the river.

She panicked and began yelling, “Bob, Bob! Come help me!”, completely ignoring the fact that her husband was nearer to her than was Bob.

Nelson took great delight in recounting this story at every opportunity, lamenting that his wife should call on Bob for help, rather than him. Lucille played along, acting offended that he would tell such an embarrassing story about her. Bob and Dean thought the whole episode was hilarious, of course.