May 2006


Jean Jenkins Spiker

Jeannie marries into Jeff Spiker's family.

When I married Jeff, Shaun, Zachary and I were blessed to have fallen into such a wonderful family.

I now have three wonderful sisters that would do anything in the world for me, as I would do for them also. (One is my favorite, but I’m not telling) but she knows who she is. Tee hee!

I also have terrific nieces and nephews (again one is my favorite, and they know who they are!!)

My mother, Willa Dean, is one of the finest cooks around, and has the gentlest, and kindest hearts of anyone I know. I’ll never forget the first time she showed me how to make homemade noodles. I had flour on the floor, and poor mom had flour from head to toe. I didn’t say I was Betty Crocker- Ha! Ha!

And my dad, Robert, in one word, “Fantastic!”

Mom had made one of her famous apple pies and dad wanted me to cut a piece or him. Well, I had no idea that a piece of pie to him was one quarter, so here I go serving him a piece of pie that is half of what he expected. The look of shock on his face, I will never forget. He then goes on to say, “I don’t believe I’ll have you get me a slice of pie again.” Ha! Ha! I did, however, learn to cut larger slices of pie.