January 2006

Important Family Dates

Gracie Gurdle Spiker

A letter written by Gracie reporting the names & birth dates of her parents, grandparents & siblings.

Below is a letter written by Gracie Gurdle Spiker at an unknown date. Orginial Document

Isaac Monroe Spiker was Born April the 9th AD 1859

Catherine Spiker was Born December the 11th AD 1858

Jacob Spiker was Born February 8th AD 1881

Laura Ethel Spiker was Born August 16th AD 1885

Pearley Ray Spiker was Born October 8th AD 1887

Gracie Gurdle Spiker was Born August 6th AD 1892

Guy Spiker was Born March 5th AD 1894

IM Spiker and Catherine Bradford was married June 23 AD 1884

Ethel was married Jan 22, 1904

Jacob was married April 14, 1908

We only have Grampa & Gramma Spiker dates here they are

David Spiker was born March 27th AD 1823

Catherine Spiker was Born Jan 8th AD 1832

Momma said Aunt Laura has the record of her family so if you want it you can write her. I am sure I haven’t made any mistakes in the dates but do not know if you can read them if you can’t please say so and we will try it over

Bye Bye Sister Gracie