May 2020

My Farm Memories

Katie Spiker-Shaffer

Claw-foot tubs, four-wheelers, swings, and getting married are some of Katie's fondest memories at the Spiker farm.

The farm is such an amazing place. It has a calming peace about it that makes you happy as soon as you turn the bend and see the house.

I was lucky enough to grow up close to the farm, so we spent a lot of time there. I remember one time we stayed on a school night. I thought it was so cool to get a bath in the claw foot tub and to get up super early to catch the bus for school.

One crazy memory that comes to mind is the time Haley [Conley] and I were riding the four-wheeler. We were probably in late middle/early high school. She was driving and we were coming around a turn and a chicken came out of nowhere and Haley ran over it and killed it!! It happened to be right beside the farm that raised Fighting Chickens, so we were terrified that they were going to do something horrible to us because we had just killed their chicken! In the end, Mike handled it and all was well.

Easters at the farm were some of my greatest memories. I loved doing our Easter egg hunts out there. No one would ever count how many eggs there were, so sometimes we would end up finding the rotten eggs at the reunion!

Playing with my cousins, going fishing with my dad, jumping off the swinging bridge, swinging on the rope swing, four-wheeler riding, going to the waterfall that never seemed to have much water, wading in the creek, picking daffodils with my mom, looking for wild berries, and simply sitting on the porch swing with Grandma Alice and Aunt Jean are just a few of the wonderful memories.

It was the first place I thought of to get married and I don’t think I could have picked such a more beautiful and peaceful place. Riding in on the farm’s horse drawn carriage and getting married on the porch of such a meaningful place in my life in front of my family and friends is by far my most treasured farm memory.

While I now live far away and don’t get to visit as often, it’s still the place I long for when I want to get away and I hope that my girls will be able to have a few of the same wonderful memories that I was able to.

Katie Shaffer's Wedding at the Spiker Farm