June 2006

My Wonderful Grandparents

Keri Ann Gregis Hurst

Keri thanks God for Bob and Dean Spiker.

After receiving Aunt Melanie’s letter about the Spiker family writing down personal memories to share with future generations, I was stumped. I thought about it for a few days and then started questioning myself on what I should write. Then it occurred to me, I could write about my wonderful grandparents, Mr. Robert “Bob” Spiker and Mrs. Willa “Dean’ Spiker.

My grandfather Bob was truly one of a kind. He was a man that I always looked up to, kind, gentle, and wise. I can remember thinking he was the one with the “magic hands”, because whenever us grandkids had a loose tooth or a nasty splinter that hurt way too much for mom or dad to get it out, grandpa could get it without ever making us flinch. I remember thinking that grandpa knew everything. He would take us outside and tell us what each animal and plant was. We could pick up seeds from the ground and grandpa Bob would tell us what that seed would blossom into. I can even remember grandfather helping my sister Shelly with her Science Fair project on nature. He helped her identify animals in the forest, while she drew them on her poster board. Grandad Bob always made us grandkids feel so special. I can remember him giving us a dollar each for helping him outside. We would pick up the sticks in his yard and throw them in the cart that he pulled with his tractor. Then we would follow him to put the sticks in the burn pile on the hill. As a special treat we were allowed to ride back in the cart. We thought that this was so much fun!

Grandma Dean is the greatest grandma in the world. She is loving and kind and would do anything for her family. I can remember how she would invite me to come and spend time with her and grandpa in the summer months. During this time she would teach me how to quilt among many other things. My favorite memory was when she let me design my own quilt and pick my own colors of fabric with it. I still treasure that quilt because it is the only in the world like it. Grandma Dean is the world’s best cook. Everyone who has tried her cooking has become an instant fan. The best part of her cooking is the fact that she takes the time to make everything from scratch. From her famous homemade noodles and brown bread to cheesecakes and pies, no one can cook like grandma. Another thing about my grandma Spiker that I will never forget is her singing voice. I can remember going to church and sitting beside grandpa in the pews as we watched the choir. I could detect my grandma Dean’s voice above all others. It was so beautiful that I would smile in awe as she sung to the Lord.

Thanks to my grandparents’ devotion, I was able to attend church, Vacation Bible School, and church camp. They would come out of their way to come get me to attend, since my parents usually had to work during these times.

I thank God for bringing me such wonderful grandparents.