May 2015

The Billfold Gift

Angie Spiker Benson

Amusing tale of the treasure Angie's two sons found in a Family Reunion Give-Away prize.

Editor’s Note:  After the 2015 Reunion, Mike Spiker suggested we contact Angie about the “Billfold Gift” story.  According to Mike, it started when…

“Dr. Mark Spiker put a billfold on the Give-Away table. His grandson, Blake, selected the billfold after his name was called. Fortunately, Mark did not put the other billfold on the table…but I will let Angie tell the story.  

PS - THE MORAL OF THE STORY - according to me - is that you never know what you might win at the reunion drawing or what MIGHT BE IN IT.”

So we asked Angie, and here’s what she wrote in her reply:

Blake was so excited about the wallet that he’d won in the giveaway at the Spiker Reunion, and he was asking everyone at the reunion for their business cards to put inside it. Since Blake was so excited about it, Dad gave Bryce a wallet too. They are WV Insurance wallets that Dad gets for free, and Dad uses the same exact kind as his own wallet.

Both boys had been playing with their wallets all weekend. After we got home, Bryce was playing with his and he pulled out a big pile and said, “Yea, Pap Paw gave me two more dollars and some papers!!! Here, Blake, you can have one dollar and one paper.”

I looked over at what they were doing and said, “Let me see that” and “Where was it?” (referring to the ‘big pile’.) Bryce showed me that it was in a hidden compartment inside the wallet. There were two $100 bills and two blank checks!

I called Dad, laughing, because I knew it was a mistake, and of course we are giving it all back to Dad. Ha ha ha…Dad had put that in there a long time ago and forgot.

Dad is excited to have the $200 that he forgot he had. I told Dad, “At next year’s Spiker Reunion, I am grabbing the wallet first from the giveaway table. Ha ha ha.”