February 2007

The Seance

Cathy Spiker Gregis

Cathy says Jeff and Tom ran terrified from the room.

It was late evening at the Spiker farm. I don’t remember where everyone was but Tom, Jeff and I came up with the bright idea of having a séance. We were in the living room sitting at the coffee table. Tom and Jeff were sitting on one side facing the front window; I was on the other side.

Young and stupid, we tried to bring Grandmother Gay Spiker back. We asked for her to play the organ upstairs if she was there. Nothing happened. We tried again. I don’t remember who we were trying to bring back this time, but suddenly both Jeff and Tom had a look of total amazement then fright on their faces. It took only a moment before they both stood up and ran from the room leaving me alone and confused.

Later, when I questioned them what happened, they both told the same story. A face outside the window moved slowly forward; they didn’t stay to find out what would happen. I asked if it could be one of our cousins or one of the adults outside trying to scare us. Both guys, even though I talked to them separately said, “No!” The face was too small and out beyond the porch, staring at them before it started to move closer.

A few years later I questioned both guys. Were they just trying to scare me? Both denied this but neither wanted to talk much about it either.