The Spiker Farm House

By Michael Spiker

Missouri Gay Zinn Spiker was born in the (original/first) family farm house in 1884. She married Jacob Spiker on April 14, 1907 at the Zinn Farm house located at the mouth of Bear Run. They had seven children and two foster children.

Jacob and Gay lived in the (original/first) farm house until it burned in 1917. The existing house was built from 1917 to 1918. Robert and Kitty were born in this “second” home. During construction of the new home, the family lived in the “Smoke House” located above the cellar house. The old wood stove is still in that house.

The existing house flooded in the “1950 Flood”. The water level came to the top of the front door (See pics at right.) Jacob, Gay and Marjorie had to escape by climbing out of the bathroom window located on the second floor.

By Will, the land was devised to Gay Z. Spiker and later to Bradford Spiker. The property is currently owned by the children of Bradford and Alice Spiker.

The farmhouse was flooded again by flash flood in July 10, 2003. The water was over four feet deep on the first floor (See images at right.) The house was then remodeled on the lower floor – new windows, vinyl siding, floors stripped, new paneling, lights, back porch completely redone, new painting, front door, etc.