April 2024

2024 Spiker Reunion - Schedule of Events

The Upcoming 2024 Spiker Reunion

By Pete Deremer


The Spiker Farm is open for business and available for a great day to enjoy all the fishing, ATVing, hiking, etc.  The evening will wrap with a cookout and bonfire.

SUNDAY - May 26

In the morning around 9, we will begin cooking the chicken.  Volunteers are needed for this process. 

Lunch will begin after opening ceremonies and family photos at noon.  The auction will follow lunch starting around 1:30, along with the raffle drawing including prizes of various items plus: first name drawn 25$; middle 50$; 75$ last name;

At 2:30 PM, the Fishing Contest begins for kids under 18. Prizes will be awarded for the Biggest, Smallest, and Most Fish caught in one hour. Awards will be given out immediately after the contest.

Later in the afternoon will include a Corn Hole Content.

Please bring a Covered Dish and/or Drinks for the lunch, and an Item for the Auction. 

Other stuff to consider bringing bottled water, lawn chairs, sun screen, bug spray, ATV or horse for trail rides, fishing gear for the tournament, heavy-duty gloves if you’ll be volunteering to turn the grill grates.

We look forward to seeing everyone for a wonderful holiday and family reunion!