June 2007

An Apple A Day

Introduction to our new family website, the Spiker Gazette & the Gazette staff.


People have long relied on newspapers for information regarding local and world events. In addition to the “news of the day”, these periodicals also provided announcements of births, marriages and deaths, and provided entertainment through society-, neighborhood- and gossip-columns. The Spiker Gazette is now the media for all things relating to the Spiker Family Gathering Place.

This page is your first stop for all the latest news and information about the Spiker family. Check out upcoming activities in our CALENDAR. Look up someone’s contact information in our ADDRESS BOOK. Post your thoughts in our FORUM. Or simply stop by for a CHAT.

Check back often for the most recent edition of the Spiker Gazette.


Robert Spiker may have gotten his eyes from his mother and his nose from his father but that’s not the only thing he received from his family. He also inherited an increased risk for colon cancer, prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. As he discovered, knowledge of one’s Medical Family Tree is a vital tool that can help you and your doctor make informed decisions about screening for, and preventing, potential health problems.

Inspired by Bob’s story (which you can read here), the first project for the Spiker Family Gathering Place is to create a complete Family Medical Tree.

You may be assured that your personal health information will NOT be posted on our website. The finished chart will be distributed at the 2008 Spiker Family Reunion ONLY to those that volunteer to participate in this project.

We can help you get started. Simply visit the Spiker Family Medical Tree for tips on creating your own personal medical chart.

At minimum, we would like to include the health information for all first and second generation Spikers (Jake and Gay and their children). You may choose to include your own health information as well. (Even if you do not share with the group your own health info or that of your children, your personal chart should include this data. Be sure to share your entire history with your physician.)

A volunteer is needed to receive everyone’s completed charts to compile them into a single medical history that can be distributed to the rest of the Spiker clan. Anyone interested in volunteering for this project should contact Bobbi Spiker Conley.

Spiker Family Reunion

The Spiker Family Auction raised $405 to benefit the South Fork Cemetery Fund. In attendance were…

Name Location
Brada Stotts Evans, WV
Paula Nolan Columbia, MO
Mark Spiker Pennsboro, WV
Katie Spiker Pennsboro, WV
Mike Spiker Ripley, WV
Ann King Bunner Harrisville, WV
Briana Spiker Morgantown, WV
Larry Gregis Jane Lew, WV
Devon Yeager Salem, WV
Sarah Smith Charleston, WV
Connor Smith Charleston, WV
Chris Swiger Jane Lew, WV
Slate Swiger Jane Lew, WV
Angie Benson Hurricane, WV
Connie Holovics Amherst, NY
John Spiker Jane Lew, WV
David Spiker Jane Lew, WV
John Bob Spiker Jane Lew, WV
Ava Spiker Jane Lew, WV
Keri Hurst West Milford, WV
Morgan Hurst West Milford, WV
Dean Spiker Good Hope, WV
Jean Spiker Good Hope, WV
Jane Hayes Harrisville, WV
Cruz Hayes Harrisville, WV
Coon Larew Union, WV
Brock Stotts Evans, WV
Michael Nolan Columbia, MO
Marilyn Spiker Pennsboro, WV
Jeana Spiker Pennsboro, WV
Drew Spiker Ripley, WV
Kari Deremer Morgantown, WV
Cathy Gregis Jane Lew, WV
Clayton Yeager Salem, WV
Mikayla Yeager Salem, WV
Chris Smith Charleston, WV
Kate Smith Charleston, WV
Jonelle Swiger Jane Lew, WV
Sawyer Swiger Jane Lew, WV
Robby Benson Hurricane, WV
David Holovics Amherst, NY
Sue Spiker Jane Lew, WV
Bryan Spiker Jane Lew, WV
Kate Spiker Jane Lew, WV
Gracie Spiker Jane Lew, WV
Dana Hurst West Milford, WV
Phoebe Hurst West Milford, WV
Jeff Spiker Good Hope, WV
Alice Spiker Marietta, OH
Cali Hayes Harrisville, WV
Boots Larew Union, WV
Melanie Fouse Inwood, WV