January 2010

An Ocean Apart

The love letter Alice Spiker sent to husband Brad has a very special place in the hearts & homes of their descendants.

An Ocean Apart

Written by: Bobbi Spiker-Conley

While delivering copies of the Gazette last November, I’d begged our readers to assist me in coming up with story ideas for future editions. Melanie Spiker Fouse and Sarah Spiker Smith came to my rescue.

Melanie offered to interview Aunt Ann and Aunt Boots about Christmases at the Spiker farm (read her story from our December issue by clicking here) and Sarah told us about a very special letter she thought we’d like to share.

Sarah’s Uncle Mike generously provided a copy of that letter to us recently. Written in 1944 by Alice Spiker to her husband Brad, it tells of an enduring love that neither time nor distance can lessen.

Framed copies of the letter have a very special place in the hearts and homes of Alice and Brad’s descendants. We are so happy that they’ve agreed to share it with the rest of us.

We’ve cataloged the letter in our Library. Click here to read it now. (While browsing, you may also want to check out some of our other books and letters. Written by and about our family, we think they’re ALL “love stories.”)

Now I’m hoping someone will have suggestions for NEXT month. Happy New Year.


  • Submitted by Mike Spiker – Mary Lucille DeBerry has published a new book of poems, many of which trace their roots to Ritchie County and our area. Her mother was a great friend of Grandma Gay’s. Mary Lucille is also the person who donated the dry flower arrangement that was sold at our family auction last Spring, which I bought and left in the farm house.

You can hear an online podcast of Mary Lucille talking about her book, Bertha Butcher’s Coat, by clicking here.

  • Submitted by Shelly Currey – Doddridge County High School senior, Robert Currey, was nominated to represent Doddridge County in the West Virginia State Journal Scholarship held in Charleston, WV on December 12, 2009. Robby was nominated by his teacher, Ms. Shannon Boswell, on the basis of academics, community service and leadership roles in both his school and community. Robby was chosen to receive the top place honors and was awarded a $1000 scholarship and a laptop sponsored by Equitable, Inc. The award was presented by WV Governor & Mrs. Joe Manchin III and Equitable representative Pam Coates.

Robby resides with his parents, Rob and Shelly Currey of Meathouse Fork, and is the grandson of Bob and Diane Currey of Miletus. He plans on attending college at Potomac State in the fall, majoring in Animal Sciences and Agricultural and Extension Education. He is currently the President of the Doddridge County Chapter of the FFA, serves as President of the DCHS Teen Leaders and as President of the Doddridge County Livestock Club, as well as his role in the church as a member of the Youth Group.

Robby was also chosen first in the Voice of Democracy Essay Contest, receiving a scholarship and being chosen to represent the county on a regional level. Robby would like to thank his family for their support, guidance and mentorship of agriculture and farming. He said, “Without your help I would not be the person I am today.”