June 2008

Family Gathers at the Spiker Family Farm - the 2008 Reunion

Highlights of the 2008 Spiker Family Reunion.

Family Gathers at the Spiker Family Farm - the 2008 Reunion

Written by: Melanie Fouse

The Annual Spiker Family Reunion was held May 25th, 2008 at the Spiker Farm in Oxford, WV. Turnout was good although several close family members were noticeably absent. Paul and Francena Miller were absent due to Paul’s cataract surgery and Francena’s fall. Boots and Coon Larew were absent after Boot’s fall and injury. All seem to be recovering and it’s hopeful that all will return to the reunion next year.

Special note was taken of the oldest generation of family members who were present. Alice Spiker, Adelene Spiker, Dean Spiker and Ann King were all present after several of those mentioned suffered severe illness over the past year.

Paula Nolan was again noted as having traveled the farthest, coming from Missouri, but this year she was alone. Husband, Mike, had other family commitments with his son. He was missed but we hope to see him next year. Regular attendee, Jane Hayes, was also noted missing this year but she too had other family commitments. Present this year after being ill for last year’s reunion was Marty Spiker, wife of Mike. We were all so happy to see her back.

Four generations spanned those attending, with the youngest ages coming from John Spiker’s grandchildren at just one year old. The oldest person attending was Alice Spiker, widow of Brad Spiker, at 91 years young.

John Spiker set up his homemade, portable grill in the side yard (not in the corn crib, as one year they about set that particular building on fire.) Mark, Mike and Brock were on hand to follow orders. About 100 chicken halves were grilled and added to the covered dishes brought from home. A veritable feast, laid out on tables in the front yard, was enjoyed by all.

After lunch, the age groups divided up with the youngest group splitting up between wading in the river and fishing in the pond and the oldest group enjoying watching them from the cool porch. Suggestions were made that maybe they’d stock the pond next year and have a fishing contest. Every year, someone manages to catch some whopper from either the pond or the river. Last year it was gar, this year the children caught a good sized catfish! Soon after the prize drawing and the auction (where the money collected is given to South Fork Baptist Church for cemetery upkeep) the families began drifting away, one by one leaving for home to await the next time we’ll all be together at the Spiker Family Reunion of 2009.


  • Submitted by Bobbi Spiker-Conley: Melanie Fouse snapped a beautiful photo of John Hicks and his son, Grant, strolling alongside the pond at the Spiker family farm. A scrapbook enthusiast, Melanie transformed the photograph into a loving tribute to our family fathers. Scroll down to view her scrapbook page.
  • Submitted by John Bob Spiker: The Second Annual Spiker Bullride is brought to you by Parcs Equipment Superstore. The action begins July 26th with gates opening at 6:00 and the performance starts at 7:30. Along with heart pounding bullriding action, there will be muttin buston for the first 25 kids to sign up, and a mechanical bull for all ages. There will be limited bleacher space so bring a lawn chair or a blanket to enjoy the action. Advanced tickets can be purchased at Southern States in Weston, $10 adults $5 children, 3yrs and under free. At the gate $12 adults, $6 children. Sponsored in part by; Best Care Pharmacy, Star Furniture, Rent-A-Center, CKS Pipeline, Donna Hines Investmen Planners, and WDTV. Information: 304-517-9326
  • Submitted by Shelly Gregis: We attended Little Robbie’s FFA banquet where he won several awards including the diversified livestock award and the sheep production award. He was also elected to an office and received the 2nd Vice President position.
  • Submitted by Willa Dean Spiker: Boots and Coon Larew’s grandson (Connie’s son), Tom, received his Doctorate Degree. He is now a Professor at a college in New York.
  • Boots and Coon attended the high school graduation of their granddaughter (Alice Ann’s daughter), Ciera, in Kansas City, Missouri. When returning from the trip, Boots fell. The resulting injury required 13 stitches in her knee and kept her from attending the 2008 Spiker Family Reunion. Boots had previously had her pre-op consultation to have a knee replacement. Luckily, the fall did not do any additional damage. Her replacement surgery is still scheduled for June 9.