October 2018

History of the South Fork Baptist Church Part II

Photos of the 12 stained glass memorial windows

The Stained Glass Windows

By Bobbi Spiker-Conley

Entering the South Fork Baptist Church on a sunny day is like stepping into a rainbow. Shafts of sunlight passing through the stained glass windows reflect off every surface in pretty shades of reds, greens and blues. As a child, I noticed only the pretty colors. As an adult, I also notice the names of those memorialized on each window.

I haven’t been successful in finding anyone still living that knows the entire history of the 12 windows. (If you’re out there, please contact me.) I cannot say with certainty that all of these are original to the building when it was constructed. I cannot tell you whether any of them were repaired over the years. What I can tell you is written below, next to a photo of each memorial window. I am hoping this will start a conversation to shed more light on another part of our family history that we are at risk of forgetting.

In Memory of Granville Zinn & Wife by Children

Granville Monroe Zinn is our 3rd great-uncle, the son of John W & Ruth (Gandy) Zinn. He was a CHARTER MEMBER of the South Fork Church and served as a church treasurer.

Granville Monroe Zinn 1818-1891
Rosetta G Lowther 1820-1912
South Fork Baptist Cemetery

In Memory of G. G. Griffin & Wife by Children

Juan Fernandez Zinn is our 3rd great-aunt, the daughter of John W. & Ruth (Gandy) Zinn. Her husband, George, served as a clerk (6 years,) a deacon and a trustee for the church.

George Granville Griffin 1828-1909
Juan Fernandez Zinn 1828-1909
South Fork Cemetery

In Memory of Wesley & Eliza Zinn by Family

John Wesley Zinn is our 3rd great-uncle, the son of John W. & Ruth (Gandy) Zinn.

John Wesley Zinn 1814-1851
Elizabeth “Eliza” Hoskins Abt. 1820-Abt. 1880
Oxford Cemetery

In Memory of L.J. & A.M. Maxwell by Children

Lydia Jane & Abner M Maxwell’s daughter, Ella Jane, married Rev. Calvin Earnest Wilson in 1896. Rev. Wilson is a grandson of George & Juan Fernandez (Zinn) Griffin and a brother of Marion Homer Wilson.

Lydia Jane Permelia Woofter 1842-1903
Abner M. Maxwell 1834-1909
South Fork Cemetery

Presented by M.H. Wilson & Family

Marion Homer Wilson is our 2nd cousin 2x removed, a son of James Kelly & Amelia (Griffin) Wilson, a grandson of George & Juan Fernandez (Zinn) Griffin, a great-grandson of John W. & Ruth (Gandy) Zinn, a brother of Rev. Calvin Earnest Wilson, and the father of Avis Mildred “Millie” (Wilson) Rule.

Homer Wilson, as project foreman, planned and built the sanctuary of the present structure with the help of many members of the church. He served as church clerk for 20 years.

Marion Homer Wilson 1873-1959
Elizabeth Catherine Gaston 1872-1966
South Fork Cemetery

In Memory of Joseph A. Summers & Nancy Summers by Children

Joseph Summers served as a church deacon. Their son, Marshall Aaron Summers was the first minister ordained in the church (licensed 10 Sep 1882 and ordained 8 Feb 1885.)

Joseph A. Summers 1833-1879
Nancy S. Wilson 1838-1920
South Fork Cemetery

In Memory of Wilson & Louisa Osburn Donated by Children

Wilson Osburn 1833-1920
Louisa Light 1834-1896
South Fork Cemetery

In Memory of H. Grant Pritchard by H.B. Tharp & Family

The H.B. Tharp shown on the memorial window is most likely Grant’s grandfather, Hezekiah Benjamin Tharp.

H. Grant Pritchard 1873-1904
South Fork Cemetery

In Memory of Jacob & John Hudkins by Relatives

The names on this memorial window are unfamiliar to me but may be this father and son that are buried in our cemetery. 

Jacob Hudkins 1820-1885
John H. Hudkins 1846-1902
South Fork Cemetery

In Memory of Amos G. & Ira Smith by W.F. Smith

Amos & Ira are brothers, sons of William Franklin Smith.

Amos G. Smith 1883-1906
Ira P. Smith 1886-1908
South Fork Cemetery

In Memory of Gay, Janie, Junie & Scott Maxwell by B.C. Maxwell

These are the siblings of Boyd Curtis Maxwell, children of Charles & Penelope (Chapman) Maxwell.

Alma Gay Maxwell 1870-1896
Emma Jane Maxwell 1876-1901

L. W. Scott Maxwell 1864-1903
Junie Mae Maxwell 1883-1903
South Fork Cemetery

In Memory of Godfrey & Mary Carrol
& Samuel V. & Sarah E. Brown
S.V.B ch. Clerk 37 Yrs.

Godfrey Carroll was a CHARTER MEMBER of the South Fork Church. He served as a deacon and a clerk (1 year.)

After Godfrey’s death, his wife remarried, to Otho Preston Gandy. Otho is our 1st cousin 4x removed - the son of Ruth (Gandy) Zinn’s brother.

Godfrey & Mary’s daughter, Sarah, married Samuel Brown. He served as a church trustee and a clerk (37 years.) They deeded the half-acre lot to the church in 1871 on which the 2nd church house was built.

Godfrey Carroll 1815-1866
Mary Ann Gray 1818-1908
Carroll Cemetery

Samuel VanBuren Brown 1835-1920
Sarah Elizabeth Carroll 1841-1931
IOOF Cemetery at Blockhouse


Special Thanks to:

Photos of the stained glass windows provided courtesy of
Melinda Chambers & Cathy Gregis.

Photos of the headstones provided courtesy of
Barbara Nicholson & Donald Porter.

Images have been modified for this page.


  • Submitted by Bobbi Spiker Conley – Don’t forget to check out Part I of the History of the South Fork Baptist Church from last month.

  • Submitted by Cathy Gregis – FALL FESTIVAL at the South Fork Baptist Church - Saturday, October 20, Noon to 4:00 pm.

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