November 2007

Sunny Pointe Guesthouse, a Quiet, Peaceful Farm of Hospitality

Introduction to the Sunny Pointe Guest House owned by John & Sue Spiker. Includes link to their new website.

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By Bobbi Spiker Conley

When the colder temperatures, bone-chilling winds and dreary skies of Autumn force you indoors, simply wrap up in a warm blanket, grab a cup of hot cocoa and plop down in front of your computer screen. It’s time to join the rest of the family for some Fun and Games. Check out this month’s challenge in the Spiker Family Game Room.

Test your memory and identification skills as we revisit some of our ancestors. Think you know the correct answers? Submit them to us and your name may appear next month on our Score Board. Who will be the Leader this month? And who will knock the Leader out of the coveted, top position next month?

Your total score can be affected by your speed in replying, so PLAY TODAY. Then be sure to check out the Score Board to see which coveted positions you and the rest of our players have earned.

Sunny Pointe Guest House - a Quiet, Peaceful Farm of Hospitality

By Bobbi Spiker Conley

“Tucked away among…unspoiled, rolling hills…and mountain meadows,” “intimate getaway for two,” “specializing in amazing sunset views,” “perfect antidote for stress, crowding, traffic and noise,” “greeted by a plate of homemade cookies,”…if images like these make you sigh with longing, and cause every muscle in your body to instantly relax, then stop by Sunny Pointe Guest House where images like these come to life.

Sunny Pointe Guesthouse The four-story, 1800’s farmhouse, owned by John and Sue Ann Spiker, is situated on the family’s 600-acre farm in Jane Lew, West Virginia. As their Website boasts, it is the perfect location for “an intimate getaway for two or a relaxing celebration with family or friends, a family reunion, a private retreat, a small reception or just some down-time.”

Conveniently located near several regional points of interest, there’s always something to do in the area. But if you prefer to stay “close to home”, consider some of their other suggestions. For those seeking excitement and adventure, ask about their “Murder Mystery Night”. For those seeking a little less activity, ask about one of their relaxing, on-site massages.

Sunny Pointe Guest House promises a quiet, peaceful farm of hospitality.


  • Melanie Fouse has been creating scrapbook pages from some of her vintage family photos. Be sure to check them out in the Spiker Family Photo Album.
  • Dean Spiker has been getting writer’s cramp. If you haven’t discovered it yet, she’s been submitting a lot of our family favorite recipes. With the Holidays fast approaching, you may find one or two recipes that you want to add to your Holiday Menus this year. Sit down for a spell at our kitchen table and flip through the pages of our recently updated Recipe Book.
  • Speaking of Holidays….many of us are already purchasing our Christmas Cards. If your personal address book is missing a few contacts, visit the Spiker Family Address Book for updates. We encourage everyone to submit their contact information to us as soon as possible for the most up-to-date listing of family members. Of course, we respect everyone’s privacy and will add contact info only from those that submit their information through our Site.
  • Barbara Thrush has generously provided us with additional photos from Paul Miller’s 90th Birthday Celebration. Click here to view all the photos from this event. (Be sure to use the arrows to scroll through ALL of the photos in this album. EDIT Photos no longer available after the merge.)
  • As mentioned in the article above, we have announced our first Game of the Month. We hope you enjoy participating and hope you will join us in creating more games for future editions of the Spiker Gazette. Provide us the link to your favorite internet gaming page (games that will permit real-time, interactive play). Send us your ideas for board or trivia games that we can create on our own gaming page. Submit your ideas, links and suggestions to Bobbi Spiker-Conley.