July 2016

Welcome to our Family's General Store

Introducing the Spiker Family Website's "General Store"

By Bobbi Spiker-Conley

We are a family of painters, sculptors, and authors, of ranchers, gardeners, and apiarists. So it makes sense that the virtual “inventory” in our newly constructed community store consists of items that family members have made with their own hands. You’ll find products that can be purchased online and shipped directly to your home, as well as point-of-sale items in which you and the seller negotiate local pick-up or long-distance delivery terms.

Love Melanie’s scrapbook collections? Arrange with her to design a hard-bound book for your personal library. Can’t get enough of Shelly’s mango habanero jam? Ask her to bring a couple jars to the reunion. Impressed with Kari’s string-art? Send her an email with your idea for a custom creation. 

Those that have something to sell (or even just thinking about it) should contact me to brainstorm the best options for adding your projects to our inventory. You can make a little money. We can show off our family’s many talents.

We complement our “family line of goods” with products or services that reference our family and the communities in which they live (perhaps including the occasional gift card or coupon.)  And finally, we toss in a few genealogy-related elements to balance everything out.

Why are we doing this? For one, we want to provide an outlet that may encourage family to share their talents. Sellers keep every penny they earn on every sale they make. For another, we hope to cover the costs associated with hosting this website and the costs of our annual memberships to a few genealogy services. It works like this. When someone clicks on an “affiliate link” in our store and makes a purchase, we will earn a commission from that sale. The commission rates are small but we are optimistic that with enough time and enough people making purchases through our “affiliate links,” we may come close to what we need to cover our expenses. Everything over that amount will be donated to the South Fork Cemetery Association.

Sure, we could earn more by displaying sponsored advertisements on all of our pages like many/most other websites but that is not the purpose of our group. Instead, we will limit our promotions to our General Store. Come by soon. You may find a few of us resting a spell on the bench out front, sipping a pop through a paper straw.