March 2017

What Should I Bring for the Auction?

Project ideas for the auction.

What Should I Bring for the Auction?

By Bobbi Spiker Conley

We have seen, donated, and bid on a lot of stuff at the annual Spiker Family Reunion Auction. It’s so much fun! But over time it becomes more difficult to come up with new ideas, so we are repeatedly asked the same question, ”What should I bring for the auction?”   

Back in 2009 we suggested that you “Take some clues from previous contributors.  The family cooks have brought fresh-from-the-oven cakes and pies.  The family gardeners have delivered home-canned fruits and vegetables.  The family artists have offered their hand-made crafts and paintings.   

“Some of the most popular items are those with a familial connection.  Jeff Spiker carved walking sticks of wood salvaged from the old silo on the Spiker Farm.  Melanie Fouse burned the image of the Spiker house onto a wooden memory box, and Cathy Gregis painted it onto canvas. Brada Stotts shared “baby” spider plants propagated from the “mother” plant that had belonged to Aunt Jean.  Melinda Chambers sewed pillows from quilt squares that had been pieced together by Grandma Gay.”

To answer the question this year, we have been turning to Pinterest for creative inspiration. Here are several we like.

Family Birthday Calendar

Family Photo Albums

Family Photo Jewelry


Family Recipe Displays

Reclaimed / Upcycled Items

Recreate Family Landmarks - in Miniature

This last one – recreating family landmarks in miniature – is my personal favorite. I’m not “handy” enough to pull it off but I can envision a replica of the entire homestead. You build it. I’ll buy it.

As a reminder, the proceeds from this year’s auction will first be applied to the cost of the chickens and related supplies, then to help cover the cost of this website, and the balance will be donated to the Masonic Memorial Park Cemetery in West Union where Uncle Lynn and Aunt Adelene Spiker are buried.

So…what are you bringing for the auction???