June 2015

Family Gathers at the Spiker Family Farm - The 2015 Reunion

Highlights of the 2015 Spiker Family Reunion

Family Gathers at the Spiker Family Farm - The 2015 Reunion

By Mike Spiker


“Former Corn Hole Champions Reclaim Their Crown After Tournament Delay Due to Lack of Equipment and Only Professional Player”

After 2 years of losing their prior Championship crown at the Spiker Reunion Annual Corn Hole Tournament – directed by Jonelle Spiker Swiger, her father John Spiker, and her husband Chris Swiger (a professional who is allowed to play by special exemption) – regained their crown and the trophy by defeating last year’s champions, Missy Spangler Stotts and Brock Stotts. One difference between this year and last year is that Missy is now pregnant; however, in the spirit of good losers that was not used as an excuse. 

The year before, John Bob Spiker and his wife, Kate, defeated his dad John and brother-in-law Chris; however, their performance this year was also affected by children since they had just had their 5th girl a few days before. Thus, some may say the championship is slightly tainted due to children issues.

The tournament delay was due, in part, to one of the championship team members (I will let you guess who, but it was the professional named above) getting lost on his ATV (coming from the Sue/John Spiker Camp in Doddridge County to the reunion). What is, to most, an easy 20-minute trip took him over 2 hours (exact time unknown but as a writer you are allowed to assume some things) as he meandered through the hills of WVA.  (It also involved numerous cell phone calls – when he was able to get to a tall enough hill that had cell service – or he may still have been traveling West Virginia.)  Also, he was to bring the official tournament corn hole championship game boards and bags, but those did not arrive. Fortunately another person went home and got their championship quality boards so there would not be a challenge to the winner due to use of the Spiker Farm boards. After this lost soul was finally found and arrived at the games, it was clear it did not affect his game since he used his skills to score, so as to keep up with his father-in-law, John, who was also on target.

The tournament concluded with the presentation of the official trophy (hand-welded and designed) by Jonelle and Chris’ son, Sawyer (pictured above), who then presented it to the winners with the prior year’s winners present. I believe his grandfather will proudly display it on his mantle like he should. Missy and Brock have theirs displayed at their house.

We look forward to next year’s games when perhaps the female members of the last 2 year winners will be back in prime health and ready to carry their husbands to victory.


There were numerous participants in the Fishing Derby, assisted by various relatives and friends.    

Winners were:

  • Biggest Fish - Sawyer Swiger - 15-1/2” large mouth bass,
  • Smallest Fish - TIE - Kista Stotts and Gracie Spiker (pictured)
  • Most Fish Caught - TIE - Bryce Benson and Kate Smith

However, the turtle bounty of $20 for any caught turtle went uncollected.


Chief Chef Jeff Spiker, assisted by several “turners” & “advisors”, furnished another huge batch of the best barbecued chicken ever made.

  • As always, we try to have a “Learn About WVA Outdoors” activity, and this year I was fortunate to have Brock Stotts make a presentation on how to correctly capture, hold, and pet snapping turtles. One of the turtles was very LARGE. The event was well attended and numerous persons participated in the turtle holding event. 
  • Bobbi & Gary’s twin grandchildren were the hit of the reunion. I think half of the people walked around and held them. We were glad Haley made the extra effort to get them here.
  • Here’s a good story you may not have heard: the reunion ”Billfold Gift”. The moral of the story (according to ME) is ”You never know what you might win at the reunion drawing…or what MIGHT BE IN IT.”  I’ll let Angie tell it. You can read Angie’s story here.

Spiker Reunion 2015