June 2020

Stories from the Next Generation

Our 2nd great-grandfather and his family

By Bobbi Spiker-Conley

In the spring of 2006, Melanie Spiker-Fouse challenged the family to write their stories about our parents’ generation, “so that the generations that follow will know a little bit about these beloved ancestors. Something more than just their vital records of birth and death dates, etc. Something to bring them to life before your eyes. So you could love their memories like we do.”

She compiled the stories into the Family Scrapbook of Precious Memories that is now located at the farm, and I organized copies of them here in our Library.

This past April, Melanie reached out again, but this time to the following generations - our children and grand-children. “This is the first Spiker Reunion that we’ve had to miss for many, many years,” she wrote. “…we could have a ‘virtual reunion’ by getting your generation to write down your memories of the Spiker Farm. What are your favorite memories? What people played a big part in your memories of the reunion throughout your childhood? What was your favorite activity?

“[Your stories] will eventually join our generation’s stories in the scrapbook [at the farm] and on the family website [in the Library] but we need to get them back before time for the reunion this year so we can all share in the love and laughter of family…even when we can’t get together physically.”

As with everything else in 2020 (or so it seems,) not much goes as hoped or as planned. We were unable to host a “virtual reunion” and the stories are slow to arrive. But the good news is, we can share one of those stories with you this month. Follow this link to read Katie Spiker-Shaffer’s story titled My Farm Memories.

Now the rest of you…get busy. Read through the stories in our [Library]/library/) for inspiration. Then, tell us your own. We can’t wait to read them.