May 2023

WBOY Publishes Story about Guy Zinn

A dive into Guy Zinn's performance at Fenway Park

By Sarah Spiker Smith

Guy ZinnGuy Zinn, was first cousin to my Great Grandmother, Gay Zinn Spiker. He was Born in Hollbrook, West Virginia, in 1887. Guy was recruited by New York in 1911 for $1000. In 1912, he was the very first player up at bat in the brand new Fenway Park in Boston. The only reason this first game at Fenway Park didn’t make front page news was because the Titanic sank five days before the game. There is a nice article on our website about Guy Zinn written by Bobbi Spiker Conley titled “June 2010 GUY ZINN - HISTORY IN BASEBALL”

Recently, WBOY wrote a wonderful article about Guy Zinn. Make sure to go read it when you have a chance!